Manetto Hill Jewish Center “adopts” Ukrainian family

Manetto Hill Jewish Center (MHJC) in Plainview  has “adopted” the Kupriyan family of Makovyshche, Ukraine.  Olha Kupriyan, a Ukrainian writer of children’s and adolescent literature, is in her early 30s and is a recent cancer survivor.  She and her daughter Yasya are currently living in Krakow, Poland.  Yasya is seven years old and recently suffered a broken arm while playing on a playground in Latvia, a previous location on their journey.  Her husband Saskho is a typesetter and has remained in Kyiv to continue working and earn an income when possible.

According to Russ Blatt, president of Manetto Hill Jewish Center, the family “adoption” was an easy decision.  “We all wonder, what can we do to help?  We watch the news and the reports come in of the devastation and displacement of millions of people.  This will help one family and hopefully motivate others to do the same.”

Manetto Hill Jewish Center has set up a link on their website for donations that can be directed to the Kupriyan family.  The donations will help provide them with food, healthcare, clothing, transportation, psychotherapy, and childcare.  The link on the website is,  The webpage provides other details about the Kupriyan family and updates when they are available.

The MHJC Israeli, Jewish and Community Affairs Committee is leading the “adoption”.  Committee Chair Sharon Dashow and the committee reached out to different organizations and through other contacts to find the Kupriyan Family.  “It is said that if you save one life, you save the entire world.” Dashow continued, “We cannot imagine what they are going through, and we can only hope to have a positive effect on their lives.”

Olha recently celebrated her birthday.  In separate emails with Blatt and Dashow, Olha was grateful for the well wishes and support, but Olha said it best herself, “It’s very important for us to see and as well feel your support.  In my birthday, I wish the only one, but it’s for the whole country”

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