Lee Road PARP winners enjoy ‘Mad Science’ party

two girls at desk

Students in Valerie Dillon’s class at Lee Road Elementary School threw a “Mad Science” Party to celebrate reading the most minutes in the PARP program.
Photos courtesy of Levittown Public Schools

Students in Valerie Dillon’s fifth grade class at Lee Road Elementary School in the Levittown Public School District threw a “Mad Science” Party for reading the most minutes during their Pick a Reading Partner program.

The students stepped into the role of detectives and discovered how forensic science is used to solve crimes. They analyzed fingerprints and teeth impressions to use clues to help solve the crime at hand. They also discovered how written materials can be analyzed and what it takes to be a good witness.

The students were engaged throughout the presentation and got to take home a personal “Mad Science Profiler Kit” to test their forensic science skills.

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